Cladding means an application of a layer of material over another material to beautify and protect a
home or building. Cladding refers to the external finish of the house done mainly to protect the home
from the elements and for ease of maintenance. Rainscreens are most commonly used in many parts of
Europe and Canada. Nowadays, rainscreen cladding has emerged as a common practice in the US
Architecture and design industry as well. While A wide variety of cladding material is used to enhance
the appearance of the home and adding value to the home, metal rain-screen cladding has gained more
popularity. Metal rain screen claddings are widely used in both commercial and residential construction
because they offer a multitude of design capabilities and a sustainable barrier to the weather. It is most
often utilized in commercial complexes, manufacturing buildings, educational buildings, and metal wall
panels also have unique uses in residential homes and condos.

A rain-screen system offers numerous benefits of moisture-management and energy-efficiency for
homeowners and property owners. A metal rain-screen cladding is the most efficient cladding system
and a building solution for construction envelope purposes that perfectly blends into the current
sustainable architecture trends for adding elegance and also to protect the exterior of the building. This
is the reason why metal rain-screen claddings are a top choice among homeowners and commercial
business owners for many good reasons.

1. Metal rain-screen cladding acts as a weather-resistant barrier support system to keep moisture
away from the wall assembly and prevents water damage caused by rain splashes. The outer
layer of the cladding deflects most of the rainwater that falls and any water that remains drains
out through the ventilation cavity to keep the building dry.

2. These can be available in various materials such as aluminium, zinc, copper, titanium, stainless
steel and etc.

3. You can keep your building mold-proof with metal rain-screen cladding because the water vapor
behind cladding and insulation can escape through evaporation keeping the outer surface dry
and moisture-free. The metal Rainscreen cladding also helps control the temperature inside the
building because when you don’t have a cladding, your building attracts heat from inside. But
when a metal rain-screen cladding system is installed, rain cannot come in contact with the

4. Metal panels enhance the appearance of your exteriors and interior applications. You can prefer
shiny and matte finishes to a wide array of patterns to look ultra-modern and contemporary.

5. The metal rain screen system provides great design flexibility, metal rain-screens are
cost-effective and even the maintenance cost is less.

6. Metal rain-screen cladding comes with high durability and finishes to withstand any harsh
climatic conditions and stays good over the long term.

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