Bonderized / Paint Grip

Bonderized Steel / ASTM-A527 also known as Paint Grip, was originally introduced with one specific function, eliminate the need for priming thereby promoting better paint adhesion.  Bonderized steel is galvanized steel that has been put through a phosphate bath and a chromate dry. This process produces the dull grey color characteristic of weathered Zinc and retains the same atmospheric corrosion resistance as hot dipped Galvanized. Bonderized steel is normally painted prior to, or immediately after installation as the exposed phosphate coating is prone to oxidize and potentially develop white rust. With that being said, architects not so long ago discovered this inert subtle grey living finish and have adapted it into finished contemporary design. Bonderized is quickly becoming one of the most popular metal surfaces for residential, commercial, and agricultural projects.

When specifying Bonderized steel for building and architecture projects, following established design and fabrication guidelines for optimizing coating quality ensures maximum aesthetics can be achieved for ornamental and/or AESS components. It should be noted that Bonderized Steel is not recommended for use in areas with extremely high rainfall or a high content of salt in the air, persistent fog or extremely high humidity.