Whether it is being added to a new home or to a business, purchasing and having a new roof installed is a costly proposition. However, a roofing project that is characterized by shoddy or amateur workmanship can lead to higher costs than the initial purchase of the roof alone. Moreover, amateurish workmanship can leave your structure unprotected from the elements as the roof is one of the most important parts of any home or business. TI-CLAD engineered roof and rain screen systems has gathered a list of the five most common mistakes roofers make during the installation process.
Starter shingles installed incorrectly (or not at all): This mistake is commonly made by DIYers but “professionals” have also been known to forgo putting down a “starter” section of shingles along the eaves. When this is not done, water can invade the sheathing under the bottom shingles’ cutouts.

Mismatched roofing shingles: This mistake is often made by contractors who are trying to save money by getting their shingles from multiple suppliers. The best way to avoid this is for contractors to get their supplies from a single source.

Incorrect use of roofing nails: Roofing systems that utilize nails to secure it to the roof deck have specific guidelines for the size and use of nails. If these guidelines are not followed or the incorrect nails are used, your roof may have nails that are too short, have no barb shanks, etc.

Improper roof slope: The materials a roofer uses must suit the slope of the structure he is working on. If they do not then it will leave the roof susceptible to water penetration.

Ignoring the manufacturer’s guidelines: Roofing manufacturers have detailed regulations on how their roofing systems must be installed. When roofers ignore these regulations or deviate from them, this can violate the manufacturer’s warranty and shorten the lifespan of the roof.

Knowing the signs of a lousy roofing job and contractor will help you avoid expensive surprises and premature roof failure. You can best avoid a lousy roofing job by picking qualified roofing specialists who have experience and an unblemished record of supplying customers with the right product. This is the case with TI-CLAD. Our roofing systems and metal rain screens are installed by experts who have years of experience avoiding the very kinds of mistakes listed above.