In the world of metal, steel is among the most used for construction and design. However, there are two other terms that are often thrown as well, galvanized and bonderized. Both are steel and have similarities but they both serve different functions in construction. Depending on the project, one will be better than the other. Here we are going to go over the similarities and differences between these two types of steel. 

Galvanized steel has been manufactured with a coating of zinc, offering prevention against rusting as well as further strengthening the material. The coating process is most commonly done using the hot-dip method where the metal is put into a vat of zinc. Galvanized steel is a favorite for several reasons. Not only is it durable, lasting 20-50 years depending on weather conditions, but it has a low upfront cost. As soon as the material is delivered, it can be used. It does not require any further preparation and is a reliable option. It is rust resistant owing to both the zinc coating and the metal underneath it. you might find this material in steel framed buildings, balconies, and even rain gutters.  

Bonderized steel is actually galvanized steel that has also gone through a phosphate bath. This bath acts as an insulator between the galvanized zinc creating an ideal surface to paint on. It is no wonder why this form also has the nickname “Paint Grip.” This is a material that must be painted on in order to reap the long lasting benefits. When it is left unpainted, it opens up a world of problems. White rust, scratch marks, and more can damage the material since it is technically unfinished. Unlike galvanized steel, bonderized does require further work, it can’t just be put up and left. Any project that is in an area that experiences heavy rainfall or humidity should be using bonderized steel instead of galvanized. The extra coating and paint will help it to withstand the elements. 

We hope that this helps you understand a bit more about these two very similar yet different materials. If you are interested in architectural titanium roofing or exterior wall cladding we have the solution.