As far as modern architecture is concerned, metal has made a large comeback in terms of popularity. A favorite among architects and builders alike, titanium is perhaps the most well rounded material thanks to its eco- friendliness, versatility, and strength. Here we will go over a few reasons why titanium deserves to be considered for your next project. 

Environmental impact- 100% recycled, eco friendly builders and designers have a fascination with this material. The soft gray color lends itself to a variety of color palettes and it also works seamlessly in transitioning to other materials such as glass and concrete. It has a very low thermal expansion rate, meaning that even under extreme heat, titanium will not become distorted, keeping clean lines and smooth surfaces for decades while also being an incredibly effective insulator. 

Versatility- Titanium is able to be supplied in many forms such as coils, tubing, and the most popular form, sheets. The thickness level can be changed from .4mm to 1mm and the width can be up to 48”. This lightweight metal aids in easy installation onto whatever structure is being composed. It requires no additional coatings and can be placed on virtually any exterior surface. For more personalized projects, it can be manipulated through a range of techniques such as etching, perforating, and abrasive blasting.  

Strength- One of the most important elements of any exterior building material is its ability to withstand corrosion. Titanium is highly reactive and benefits from oxygen making it impermeable to factors like moisture and the salt content that is found in sea air. The durability and shock resistance of the metal makes it an ideal choice for locations that are privy to earthquakes. 

 For your next project consider titanium metal roofing which makes any home stand out both for its beauty and practical purposes. Whether you are building in Beverly Hills or Malibu, we have the solution for you. In addition to our large selection of titanium, we also carry copper standing seam roof panels