The roof is one of the most important components of any home or business. No part plays a bigger role in keeping the elements out – except perhaps the walls themselves – so hiring someone to repair or install a roof is serious business. Unfortunately, there is a tiny minority of people in our business who take advantage of business and home owners when it comes to satisfying contracting needs. If your roof or exterior walls are visibly damaged, here are some common contractor scams to watch out for.

  • The high-pressure sales pitch: A reputable company and its representatives will give you time to make such an important decision as to when to repair or replace your roof. If the company you are dealing with demands that you make a decision on the spot then that company is probably unworthy of your trust.
  • Storm chasers: Reputable contractors are too busy dealing with clients to go door to door. This reeks of desperation. Storm chasers will drive around looking for damage that has been caused in the wake of a storm so that they can take advantage of home and business owners. If you suspect that your roof or walls may be damaged conduct an inspection yourself and be wary of sympathetic strangers.
  • The surprisingly low-cost estimate: These are words to live by: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A shady roof contractor will “forget” to mention expensive materials up front, and then inflate their true price when it’s time to pay.
  • Roofer inflicted damage: Some contractors in their desperation for business will actually cause damage to your roof along exterior walls. They will pretend to find this damage as they were “passing by.” Under no circumstances should you let a stranger on your roof.
  • Contractor asks for payment upfront: A reputable contractor will not ask for a large down payment of more than 15% or full payment upfront. You may pay a deposit, but the full payment should not be made until the job is completely done. The danger is that a roofing contractor that asks for full payment may then skip town leaving the job incomplete. 

In short, take the time to talk to several professionals to make a good judgment call. If you feel a company is being pushy or trying to rush you, they are most likely scam artists. We put customers first at TiClad. We are your honest experts that you can trust to ask questions about our metal rain screens or our dry lock rain screens.