Rain screens manage moisture by drying the sheathing, which may accumulate moisture due to condensation in cold weather. It also helps to dry rain-soaked siding. Here are some other facts about metal rain screens to help you decide if they are best for your home or business.  

Five Things to Know about Rain Screen Cladding

    1. A rain screen is like a shield: It protects whatever rest behind it, which in this case is your home and your walls. The effectiveness of this shield depends on how well the screen is installed and the materials used.
    2. No wall is completely waterproof: No rain screen keeps 100% of moisture at bay. Some moisture may penetrate this shield due to errors that take place during construction, the ground settling, cracks developing, etc.
    3. Rain screens can keep excess moisture from eventually damaging your building: Excess moisture can lead to mold, rot, and negative effects on the sustainability of your building, not to mention the detrimental effects these conditions can cause to the occupants of your home or business. 
    4. Rain screen walls need to have a minimum 1/8 inch drainage gap to be effective: A wall without a drainage gap is not a rain screen. There must be a gap in order for water to drain away properly. 
    5. Rain screen walls are robust and cost effective: When you factor in the cost of mold and water remediation, rain screens are quite cost effective in comparison. Using a rain screen system only adds $1-2 per square foot to the construction cost.


  • Finally, rain screens can help prevent wall rot: Wall rot is an all too common problem for both newer and older structures. 


What is Wall Rot?

The term “wall rot” refers to the disintegration of the building materials that make up the external walls of a home due to an excess of moisture. In some homes, it can occur when this moisture becomes trapped behind the wall without a means of escape. One of the many problems that rotting walls can bring along with them is mold. As you probably know, mold can be quite dangerous to your health. A few signs that wall rot is forming are:

  • Outside walls are starting to show signs of mold, water stains and cracks.
  • A musty smell around the damaged part of the house as well.

If you need more information about our roofing systems or our metal rain screens feel free to contact us. Together we will be able to determine if metal rain screen cladding is right for your home or business.